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KTA has established a reputation for completing technical projects with very aggressive schedules while delivering a high level of quality. This ability is due in part to the size and resources of an established firm like KTA, as well as the depth of experience developed over many years designing quality commercial projects. KTA has the critical mass to add significant staff to projects when necessary, yet we are not so large that we lose our ability to be nimble, adaptable, and responsive. The reputation we have built over the years gives us an edge over our competition. Our engineers apply practical experience to the project and are professionals who stay current with the latest technologies and best practices. This practical knowledge is gained by the design professional being with the project from inception to closeout; the experiences from each project provides added value and design insight that is applied to future projects.


At KTA we believe that by applying the appropriate resources, responsiveness, and tools to manage the process, we can consistently deliver successful projects for our clients. We utilize Microsoft SharePoint where we have created a suite of customized applications that aid us in providing a high level of services and responsiveness. Most importantly we are committed to the use of Building Information Modeling and have utilized Revit to complete designs for high-rise buildings and interior spaces alike. Within the next three years, we envision that every project in our office will be completed using BIM without exception.




Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Central Plant


 Smoke Control and Evacuation

   Energy Management and Controls

   Domestic Water and Sanitary

Sprinkler (including pre-action)

Medical Gas and Vacuum

DOAS / Chilled Beam Systems



Lighting Design and Lighting Controls

Low and Medium Voltage Power Distribution

Fire / Life Safety Systems

Standby Power Generation, UPS Systems & DC Power Plant

Telecom / Data / AV Infrastructure

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis



Method of Procedure Cutovers

Pre Bid Analysis & Recommendations

Shop Drawing Review

Construction Field Reports and Deficiency Identification

Application for Payment Review








The KTA expedited Peer Review process can reduce the permit review times by almost half compared to normal process times in Virginia, DC, and Maryland saving time and money for your project. Our plan reviewers are certified by the International Code Council (ICC) and have been certified by several jurisdictions in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia as Peer Reviewers. Expedited Plan Review shortens the permit process to less than half the normal time. To maintain quality, the ICC regularly sends updates on code interpretations and requires certified plan reviewers to attend training sessions throughout the year.


Code Officials, Governments, and plan review jurisdictions benefit from Third Party Plan Review because it helps ensure compliance to code standards and allows flexibility in dealing with staff shortages and workloads. Through our plan reviews, KTA helps ensure design projects meet current policies and interpretations of review authorities. This elevates the project to established levels of information and code compliance, dramatically reducing the time and effort expended by the reviewing agency. Equally important, however, is the feedback KTA receives through the program by its access to comments issued by the reviewing agency to help maintain plan review standards. KTA reviews the rejection comments from job to job and from reviewer to reviewer over an extended period of time adding these issues to our checklist and providing general review constancy for typical projects.








Fire / Life Safety Systems











Commissioning ensures that a new building operates initially as the owner intended and that building staff is prepared to operate and maintain its systems and equipment. Maintenance staff should be familiar with building systems and take ownership of the building prior to the building being occupied by tenants. A review of the design can also be provided to ensure that the owner’s requirements are being met and the most effective and efficient design methods are being incorporated. At a minimum, the design should be reviewed for constructability and maintainability of systems.


KTA’s commissioning services provide a thorough review and testing of key building systems to ensure systems are installed properly and operating to meet the owner’s requirements. It further serves to provide verification that all critical mechanical and electrical systems are functioning properly and can transition uninterrupted going from utility to standby power and back to utility when generators are present. Effective Commissioning Services reduce Contractor call-backs after turnover and can avoid many occupants’ complaints such as poor indoor air quality and thermal comfort problems as well as reducing operating costs 5%-10%.  Increased efficiency and verifying proper training of Staff who operate key building systems result in the delivery of a building that works properly and efficiently.


Retro Commissioning

In the case of existing buildings, the commissioning process is referred to as Retro Commissioning.  Over time the intended use and operation of a building can change significantly.  The Retro Commissioning process assures the Owner that the building and systems are optimized to perform interactively to meet the current operational needs as close as possible.  In addition to aligning the systems with the current usage, the Retro Commissioning process can reduce utility and operating costs thus saving the owner an average of 15% on energy costs. The KTA commissioning team works with the maintenance staff and appropriate contractors to inspect and test the building equipment to ensure the most efficient operation. Often this process simply involves adjusting the operating sequences, completing preventative maintenance requirements or addressing minor repairs that result in a quick payback.  The Retro Commissioning process also may include remedial design and testing to accomplish the goal of optimal performance.

Energy Services


In addition to the energy services associated with Retro Commissioning, KTA provides various other services including energy modeling, Energy Star certifications, and LEED consulting.  We also provide Commercial Energy Audits in accordance with ASHRAE Level 1, 2, or 3 guidelines that can result in a substantial reduction in energy consumption.




Assist with Development and Review of Owner’s Project Requirements and Basis of Design Documents

Design Review of Construction Documents

Develop Project Specific Commissioning Specifications and Commissioning Plan

Commissioning Review of Submittals and Shop Drawings

Develop Project Specific Systems Readiness Checklists and Functional Performance Test plans

Construction Site Observations

Direct and Facilitate Systems Functional Performance Testing

Final Commissioning Report

Deferred/Seasonal Functional Testing

Post Occupancy Review




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