Clients Are Saving Time Using Expedited Review in Fairfax County

Recently published Fairfax County metrics for Expedited Peer Review 1st round reviews are showing turnaround times approximately 1/3 of the fast track time and 1/5 that of standard permit applications.

The KTA Team is available to provide 1- and 3- day reviews, at any time during the design cycle, either informally or as part of DC / FFXC Expedited Programs --- New Construction projects submitted under Expedited Programs receive significantly fewer jurisdiction comments, and Alteration projects are often awarded Construction Permits without further comment, significantly speeding time to permit.

Jurisdiction turnaround times are variable, however, Fairfax County is making this program a priority and KTA is here to help.

Follow the link to the Fairfax County webpage for current average review times and other development metrics


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