KTA Announces 1 & 3 Day Expedited Peer Review Services

KTA Group announces 1- and 3- day expedited peer review services

KTA Group, the first Peer Review Agency approved to review in Fairfax County, is pleased to announce a full roll-out of our accelerated peer review service, including 1- and 3- business day initial review and 1- day back-checks of revised drawing submittals. This service, previously offered to select clients only, is now available to all clients and will become a standard part of our service offering. Feel free to give us a call and find out what it can do for your projects!

Our staff continues to offer schematic design, design development, and ‘on-board’ code compliance reviews for fast track construction and project management teams who want to begin the Peer Review process early, including custom scheduling solutions for large scale projects such as those recently reviewed for Fairfax County and other local jurisdictions.


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