Hamaker MOB                       FAIRFAX, VA

KTA Group provided the MEP design of two, six story 125,000 square foot medical office buildings and a 35,000 square foot structured parking garage located in Fairfax, Virginia. The HVAC systems included a self contained HVAC unit serving each floor with a cooling tower on the roof. The core and shell design included duct work in loop pattern around the core to accommodate future tenants. Two future tenant exhaust risers were included for the medical tenants, one on each end of the core. A 100 percent outside air unit is provided on the roof to precondition all of the buildings required outside air.

The HVAC system is controlled by a DDC system that allows for remote monitoring and access. The plumbing design includes four wet stack risers in lieu of the standard two for better access by future tenants. The plumbing core fixtures used hydro generators to recharge the batteries of the automatic faucets. Low flow toilets and pint flush urinals were part of the base design. The electrical system used energy efficient lighting through the core and shell. Building design has metering of each potential tenant available as well as metering of the central air handling systems. The building design also included a life safety generator, domestic booster pump and fire pump.




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