Apple Federal Credit Union       Fairfax, VA

KTA Group is designing a new 150,000 square foot core and shell office building for The Peterson Companies and the Apple Federal Credit Union.  The project also includes an above ground parking garage with a capacity of approximately 700 vehicles.  Apple Federal Credit Union will be taking over the building for their office use and leasing approximately 35,000 sq. ft.  The project is being design under LEED 3.0 with the goal of obtaining a Gold Rating from the U.S. Breen Building Council for New Construction.  The mechanical system consists of a low temperature chilled water system to provide a high efficient system.  By using colder water temperatures and colder air temperatures, pipe sizes and ducts sizes are able to be reduced to help manage the first cost of the chilled water system.  A dedicated outside air unit with chilled water cooling, gas heat and a total energy wheel will minimize the heating and cooling load of the outside air system.  Energy will be recovered in the outside air unit thru the use of building relief and exhaust air.  A 480 volt, 3 phase, 4000 amp electrical service will serve the building.  Efficient LED lighting and day lighting controls is included in the design and a 250 kilowatt generator will power life safety and selected tenant loads.

LEED credits relevant to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems being pursued to obtain a LEED Gold Rating include the following:

1. Water Use Reduction by utilizing low flow fixtures and efficient landscaping.

2. Fundamental Commissioning

3. Optimize Energy Performance based on the design of a low temperature chilled water system with outside air energy recovery.

4. Enhanced Refrigerant Management

5. Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring:  CO2 sensors shall be used to control the outside air so that only the amount of outside air necessary to satisfy the occupants at any time is provided.

6. Reduction in lighting levels below code allowable values.

7. Controllability of Systems – Lighting.

8. Thermal Comfort Design.

Owner: Peterson Companies

12950 Worldgate Drive, Suite 100

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